What We Offer

Customize your wellness journey to suit your needs & embrace the opportunity to take some time for yourself by discovering what’s best
for you.

Popular Combos


60 MIN $105
Relax while helping your immune system remove toxins and sweat calories too! This combo will have you feeling like you worked out!

3 x 30
90 MIN $135
This combo includes 30 minutes of Presso-Therapy, FIR sauna blanket, and your choice of massage which includes: back and shoulders or dry cupping back massage.

Cupping Therapy

Cold Cupping Therapy
45MIN $75
An alternative therapy that involves placing cups on the skin to create suction while being moved to break up stagnant tissue, relieve muscle tension and increase blood circulation.

Fire Cupping Therapy
45MIN $95
A popular alternative therapy that involves glass cupping with the use of fire.

Custom Massage

45 MIN $75
Quick and effective in the most needed area. Typically consist of a blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hydro-Therapy and Dry Cupping.

60 MIN $125
Indulge in a relaxing full body blend of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage with an exclusive swiss regenerating oil.
Option to enhance your session with Aroma Therapy (Peppermint or Lavender).
*Add on 20 extra minutes $35


45MIN $90
A relaxing alternative to manual lymphatic drainage massage. Assists with circulation eliminate toxins by stimulating the immune system.
*Add on Face Lymph Drainage: (15 min in session) $30
*Add on Fire Cupping: (15min) $30

50MIN $125
A soft to moderate stretching of the skin that gently assists the lymphatic system in maintaining body fluid balance, immune system, and blood circulation.

Immune-Menu - 2

45MIN $90
Speed up your face and neck lymph nodes detox to help ease tension, puffiness in the face, neck, and shoulders. This session includes the use of high quality Swiss lymphofluide herbal aromatic oil.


Tailored to your specific needs, treatments will include the use of Presso -Therapy, FIR Sauna Blanket, Homeopathic Oral Solution, and the use of Sweet Sweat Wrap. Body contouring treatments are most effective when done in multiple and consistent sessions along with moderate exercise and clean eating habits.

All sessions are 60 min each when purchased as a package.

4 Week/Treatments $360

6 Week/Treatments: $510

8 Week/Treatments $600

Relax and Sweat

Far-Infrared Sauna Blanket
Sweat your stress away by lowering your cortisol levels. Purge heavy metals, boost collagen, burn calories and increase your metabolism.
*Add on Sweet Sweat wrap $15

Relax and Tighten

Radio Frequency
Radio-frequency skin tightening is a technique that uses frequency energy to heat the skin with the purpose of stimulating collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production in order to reduce appearance of fine lines and loose skin.

Relax and Vacuum

RF Vacuum Treatment
Ideal for getting rid of cellulite. Using essential oils, this skin suctioning treatment will help tackle dimples. A great solution to reduce localized fat.

Relax and Cavitate

Ultrasonic Cavitation Therapy
This therapy uses low level ultrasonic waves to break up body fat cells into liquids allowing it to travel out of your system through your elimination process. This non-invasive therapy will help you lose inches, and cellulite

Wood Therapy

AKA: Maderoterapia
Vigorous massage technique that utilizes wooden, handled tools like rolling pins and wood gua-shua that helps with cellulite and contour your body including waist line, back and legs.